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Northern California Independent Booksellers Book of the Year Awards Announced

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Amazon’s Latest Scheme

Although Amazon will be forced to collect sales tax in California next year, the online behemoth is trying to maximize its unfair competitive advantage this holiday season with a new app designed to rob local businesses of sales.

The Price Check app allows users to go into stores, scan price information on items offered in those stores, check it against Amazon’s price, and purchase it from Amazon on the spot. Amazon introduced the new “spyware” by offering up to a $5 credit on any sales that came through the app — paying people to use local stores as showrooms for Amazon and then stealing sales away.

This is Amazon’s latest effort to expand its market at the expense of local businesses that nurture and support neighborhoods and communities throughout the state — the same businesses that collect sales taxes that fund our schools, police and firefighters, state and local services and more. We encourage shoppers to support what Amazon is trying to decimate — local independent businesses that are an integral part of your town or city.

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Also well worth checking out is the Sonoma County Book Festival. To find out who will be appearing at this annual September event, please visit the Festival website.